How Should a Christian Worship Service Be Structured?

admin —  September 10, 2012 — 1 Comment

In this clip, Tim Conder speaks about the worship service at Emmaus Way in Durham, NC.

How should a Christian worship service be structured? Is there one right way? Is there a Biblical model? Can we do a service ‘in the round?’

Thanks to Homebrewed Christianity for the interview!



One response to How Should a Christian Worship Service Be Structured?

  1. This is an interesting question. We’ve clearly crafted “worship services” as a modern ritual. Much like hymn sings of the early 50’s. Nothing’s changed, just the styles and tone. I don’t think there is one way to craft a worship experience. We cheat ourselves when we begin to believe that songs are the way to worship. Songs are great, but so are poems, paintings, conversations, prayer, etc. And, these do not have to be done in any specific “corporate” setting… they can be very organic and fluid. People like the structure and set times, because its safe and comforting. I personally think that creates a tendency to compartmentalize spirituality. Now, when we do worship together, I think structure can be valuble. How much structure is the question. Clearly, chaos is not an option. But minimal strucutre in a time of song and prayer can be very freeing. I like that this guy is talking about holding conversations rather than sermons. I will say this about modern worship services, they can be valuble but they can become our drug of choice. Where as we cannot worship or experience the Father without it. Then we must continue to kick the emotional rollercoaster into over drive until it’s just not doing what it used to. We must free ourselves of this idea. Its not the songs, its what the songs become.

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